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Hanukkah Sameach, Merry Christmas and Joyous Kwanzaa!


I was reminded this morning of gratitude, while facilitating a webinar with Leila Alsheikh and Robi Damelin from the Parents Circle—Families Forum (PCFF); Leila, a Palestinian, who lost a young child, and Robi, an Israeli, who lost a son in the long-lasting conflict in their lands. PCFF was awarded one of the Charter's Humanitarian Awards during our 2021 Gala. Both women are members of an organization whose existence we all wish would not be necessary, as it is comprised of over 600 families--all of whom have lost an immediate family member due to an endless war rooted in people not knowing, or caring about, each other's hearts' desire. Ironically, more than likely each share the same wishes for the lives of their families and their neighbors. As a group, PCFF has found that sharing narratives helps to bridge the divide.

Hearing Leila and Robi this morning opened my door to challenge the Charter for Compassion to offer prompts to more stories. Let's follow the advice of famed-author George Orwell, "We have two eyes, two ears and one mouth, let's use them accordingly."

With warm regards,
Marilyn Turkovich

Hanukkah Sameach, Merry Christmas and Joyous Kwanzaa!

December, between the holidays and sorting anything that needs taking care of before the arrival of a new year, tends to be a commitment filled month for us all. Working our way down our gift list for loved ones can add to the stress of it all. The recording of our Global Gala 2021 makes a wonderful, uplifting present for Chanukkah, or Christmas or Kwanzaa! Make a donation that fits your budget in the knowledge you're sharing a wonderful uplifting evening with loved ones and mark it off your list without giving a thought to wrapping or postage. 

Yes, but would your loved ones enjoy the Gala? This thoughtful note was sent to us by Dr. Malcolm Read, from Telford in Shropshire, UK and expresses his view of the Charter's Gala in context of where we are in the world.

Perhaps, like me, you will look back on 2021 as a year that you would prefer to forget. Even though it was better than 2020, constant and continuing reports of families losing loved ones mean that thousands will be grieving over Christmas as a result of the pandemic: uncertainties surrounding its implications for family finances combine to depress spirits still further. We need some good news and something to bring a smile back to our faces.

Television news reports go some way to achieving this. Numerous examples are broadcast where communities are acting together to support those in need, physically, emotionally, financially. But will such initiatives be sustainable once conditions return to the new normal?

Against this background, the Charter for Compassion 2021 Global Gala provides a beacon of hope as it shone light on initiatives across the world that were changing lives in a sustainable way.

Though focused around the outstanding and selfless contributions made by a small number of exceptionally dedicated individuals whose contributions were being honoured by the Charter, the format provided a framework on which to showcase 'Compassion in Action.' Mixing music with poetry and endorsements from high profile internationally recognised figures, numerous examples were given where the Charter organisation has actively supported local initiatives and raised the profile of Compassion within Communities.

Particularly encouraging was seeing the enthusiasm of schoolchildren whose schools were participating, and learning of an increasing number of cities signing up as Compassionate Cities: both strands provide the needed hope that Compassion will establish itself as an integral part of our Communities' consciousness in the future.

That there is Hope owes much to the skill and professionalism of the core Charter staff who organised and managed the Gala. Blending contributions from internationally prominent and influential advocates with exceptional artists and schoolchildren reflected the importance of securing support from government but demonstrated that great strides can be made at the local level once a sustainable structure is in place.

Global Gala 2021 showed emphatically and in a thoroughly entertaining way that by providing encouragement, guidance, and a support network, the Charter for Compassion continues to enable Communities to address issues of concern to them and that that success is gaining momentum.

With such a banquet of highlights, everyone will choose one that resonates with their thoughts. For me the sight of a school full of children totally immersed in singing We Are The World stands out.

If you were not able to watch the Gala, you still can for the price you wish to pay on the ticket page Your 'highlight' will doubtless raise your spirits and bring a smile to your face. And with the indomitable Marilyn Turkovich and her talented team continuing to tirelessly sow seeds across the globe there are firm grounds for hope. Now, that is the good news that we all need.

Many Congratulations to all those involved. And thanks.

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